Peavey sv605 mounting bracket

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Peavey sv605 mounting bracket 00325150 at DC Music Store. Mount your Peavey speakers or other brands of speakers on the wall with the SV605. It is a mounting bracket designed specifically for use with the Impulse 6 and 6T spekers. Convieneltny mount and install your speakers with the SV605 on a wall. These wall mount brackets are available in white or black and measure nine and a half wide by twelve inches high and three and three quarters deep. They weigh approximately two pounds each. At DC Music Store we carry several different types and styles for installing g speakers to walls so browser our selection and let us know should you need any help.


- Designed to suspend the Impulse®6 and Impusle®6T loudspeaker systems
- Convenient wall installation for flexible positioning
- Available in black and white finishes
Weight 2 lbs. (Packed) 1.875 lbs. (Unpacked)
Dimensions 9.5" W x 12.125" H x 3.75" D (Unpacked)

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