Peavey XR1220 Powered Mixer

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Peavey XR1220 Powered Mixer. This is a mixer that is easy to use and comes with tons of great features. First, the XR1220 mixer is laid flat so that everything is easily accessible unlike box mixers. This mixer is easily becoming one of our most popular powered mixers. Bands, churches and clubs are loving all they get out of this quality unit.

Each channel has it's own gain, mute, equalizer, monitor levels, effects send and so on. The XR1220 Mixing board is setup so that it has two amplifiers built in. Peavey gives you two six hundred watt amplifiers that you can put together to give twelve hundred watts to your front of house speakers, or you can run 600 watts to the main speakers and keep 600 watts for your monitors. This Peavey powered mixer is twenty channels and gives you xlr inputs for microphones as well as your typical quarter inch inputs. You get not just one, but two monitor sends also so that you can have compression on vocal channels and reverb on channels or reverb on most and delay on others etc.

The Peavey XR1220 gives you four bands of eq rather than the typical 3 bands. With four bands you have split the sound spectrum up four times rather than 3 to hone in on the sound for each channel that you like. Use the mid morph to jump in and warm up a channel or take the harshness out of it. You get dual nine band eq's on the board which can be used for the left and right side, mains and monitors and so on. The XR1220 also includes Peavey's RTA jack so that you can connect a rta mic and real time analyze looking for feedback and an even eq for your mix. Peavey also includes their feedback ferret to further help you free your sound from the hassles of finding and eliminating feedback. The XR1220 mixer is feature packed but very simple to use. It has enough ease of use so that most anyone can jump in and get a good sound but enough features that will make the skilled sound engineer happy also.

Peavey XR1220 Powered Mixer Features and Specifications:

Console-style mixer with dual Class D amplifiers
20 XLR mic channels (2 with stereo line inputs - 1/4" on channel 19, RCA on channel 20)
Smooth 60mm faders
Each amplifier provides 600W program at 4 ohms (360W program at 8 ohms)
Feedback Ferret feedback suppressor onboard
A 4-band EQ, 2 monitor sends, and an effects send on each input channel
Mid-morph technology on mono input channels
Digital effects
5 power amp modes, including fully active subwoofer crossover
Dual 9-band graphic EQ (1/power amp) includes switchable Auto GEQ with dedicated RTA input
2 monitor sends
2 x 1/4" and Speakon combination connectors per amp
1/8" stereo auxiliary input
Dedicated effects return fader
Ultra-lightweight design (only 25.57 lbs.)


Our Only Mixer is an Open Box Display Model. Fully Functioning.

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