Picking Up Speed DVD 641678

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Picking Up Speed DVD 641678

The Picking Up Speed DVD 641678 is a top-notch guide and a learning tool for everyone wondering about how to play bluegrass fast. This Hal Leonard publication features Mr. Steve Kaufman delving deep into the realm of speed with a string of strong advice, tips and tricks on how to pick things up a notch. They say that every bluegrass picker wants to play fast - and maintain a killer tone and timing - and this book does a fine job in helping every interested individual reach that goal.

Utilizing renowned fiddle tunes as exercises, Mr. Kaufman works on coordination and how to practice for top results. All data featured in the release is 100 percent accurate, making your practice hours more efficient. If additional info and details are needed, don't hesitate to come down to the store or contact us through the web.

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