Pin Upright Piano

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Pin Upright Piano at DC Music Store. This is a novelty item that is a pin in the image of an upright piano. Fun for pinning to things like hats, scarfs, ties, straps and so on. This upright piano is a pin that is a great conversation starter of vibe setter of the things that are dear to your heart. At DC Music Store we carry a wide range of these sorts of things and pianists will find things like tumblers, coffee mugs, key chains and other novelty items as well as keyboards, accessories, books and DVD's and more here at DC Music Store.

We are located in East Liverpool Ohio which is along the river across from Pittsburgh, PA. Many people assume that DC Music is in Washington DC but DC stands for the owners initials and is short and sweet and to the point. We stock a wide selection of music equipment for singers, songwriters, bands, dj's, drummers etc. and we carry items in a wide price range from budget priced items to touring bands equipment.

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