Play Harmonica In One Hour DVD 320435

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Play Harmonica In One Hour DVD 320435

The Play Harmonica In One Hour DVD 320435 is a nifty, concise and very useful guide on how to learn to play harmonica in the fastest way possible. This Hal Leonard publication features seasoned harmonica teacher Bobby Joe Holman delving deep into the meaty stuff, offering only useful goods and explanation that will directly improve your performance.

This guide focuses on a variety of topics, including how to hold a harmonica, how to play a melody, how to use chords to enhance playing, as well as how to play a variety of musical styles and genres, including country, blues, folk and more. The release clocks in at a total of 60 minutes. Knowledge of reading music notation is not required. If additional info and details are needed, feel free to contact us online or simply come down to the store, we are always glad to help.

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