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Power Tracks Recording Software. PG Music's PowerTracks Pro Audio is a fully-featured, multi-track music recorder and MIDI sequencer with seamlessly integrated digital audio/MIDI recording, notation, instant audio vocal harmonies, intelligent chord symbol interpretation from MIDI files, Dx and VST Instrument and Plugins and more. It’s loaded with powerful features for musicians, students and songwriters.

PowerTracks Pro Audio 12 Audio Chord Wizard, RealDrums, and More! Over 20 powerful new features! The new Audio Chord Wizard (version 2.0) in PowerTracks is amazing, it “figures out the chords” from MP3, WMA, WAV files and audio CD’s. Just open up an MP3 file, tap in the tempo for a few bars, and you have the chords to the song, displayed on the PowerTracks Chords Window, with the bars in sync to the MP3 file!

The RealDrums feature instantly creates drum tracks that replace the MIDI drum track. These are actual live recordings of top studio Jazz, Bossa, Rock and Country drummers. Choose from 20 different RealDrums Sets, packed with Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Country, Latin, Nashville, Fusion, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Techno, Salsa and more RealDrums styles. Re-Mix/Arrange existing MP3 or other audio files. You can now sync the bar lines perfectly to match an existing MP3 file, and then re-mix by adding RealDrums or other MIDI/audio tracks. Add a RealDrums track to an old recording, or add a MIDI guitar part imported from Band-in-a-Box – they will play in perfect sync to the original MP3 file. Precise “Floating point” tempos (e.g., 120.514 BPM), Copy/Paste Song Lyrics to lead sheet, MIDI Normalize, Split MIDI Drum notes to tracks, Auto- SEQ Backup, Automatic Audio Cross Fades, Tranzport support and many more!

Power Tracks Recording Software Features:

MIDI and Audio Recording

PowerTracks Pro Audio 12 is a fully-featured, powerful music sequencing and digital recording program. Version 12 adds over 20 powerful new features, including Audio Chord Wizard 2.0, RealDrums, re-Mix/arrange features, and Vista Support. It’s the perfect tool for musicians, students and songwriters alike.

New features included in PowerTracks Pro Audio 12:

Audio Chord Wizard Version 2.0
The ability to ReMix/ReArrange existing .mp3 files
Precise “Floating point” tempos (e.g., 120.514 BPM)
Copy/Paste Song Lyrics to lead sheet
MIDI Normalize
Split MIDI Drum notes to tracks
Auto-SEQ Backup
Automatic Audio Cross Fades
Enhanced notation and audio editing
Support for the Tranzport Wireless DAW Controller
... and much more!

Audio Chord Wizard

The Audio Chord Wizard is an extremely powerful feature that automatically finds chord symbols (C, Fm7 etc.) by analyzing the audio content of a song (MP3/WAV/WMA or CD-audio file). The song can be in a digital file format (MP3/WMA/WAV), one that you created in PowerTracks, or directly loaded from a CD. In addition to the chords, the Audio Chord Wizard also automatically determines the bar lines and a Tempo map. Use this feature to instantly play along to your favorite songs, by reading and printing the chord symbols.

Real Drums

We’ve added real audio drums to PowerTracks! This allows you to instantly create audio drums tracks with real recordings of top studio Jazz/Rock/Country drummers. These are not “samples,” but are full recordings, lasting from 1 to 8 bars, playing along in perfect sync with the other tracks. For example, choose a “brushes” style, and you will now hear lush Jazz brushes, or choose “RockGrunge” for a heavier sound. The results are dramatically better than MIDI. They sound like a real drummer, because they are recordings of a real drummer. We include many RealDrums styles with PowerTracks, and 5 RealDrums sets are available.

Audio Mixer Window

The all-new Mixer window has VU meters on each track, Mute buttons for each track, and a scrollable track strip. With a total of 8 Aux busses, you can use up to 4 on one track - for 16 DirectX or VST plug-ins on a single track – and you can create subgroups of audio ports for submixes. ASIO input monitoring gives you the option of monitoring either the "wet" or "dry" effects signal while recording.

Audio Tracks Window

PowerTracks now has 8 auxiliary busses, with the ability to use up to 4 at a time per track. Having more aux busses means that you can add more real time audio effects to your song efficiently. You could have up to 16 Aux effects per track since each track can use up to 4 aux busses with up to 4 effects plug-ins per bus.

Now, when using ASIO audio drivers, you can hear the audio input while recording and you can apply audio effects to the monitored signal, with the option to record the signal as wet or dry. For example, when recording vocals, you can hear your voice with reverb during recording with the option to record wet or dry.


Vocal Harmonies

Piano Roll MIDI Editor


Vinyl Processing

Real Time Analyzer

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