Powerwerks PW100H Powered Mixer

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Powerwerks PW100H Powered Mixer at DC Music. Thank you for your interest in the Powerwerks PW100H Powered Mixer. Powerwerks PW100H Powered Mixer. The Powerwerks® PW100H Powered Mixer can enhance any performance with its clear audio power, convenient “real world” features and robust reliability. It provides 100 watts of amplification, four channels with eight front panel inputs, a 3-band Master EQ and a Delay effect. Each channel has a low-impedance XLR microphone input (with +15V phantom power for most condenser mics) and a ¼-inch input that may be used with high-impedance or line level sources such as microphones, keyboards, drum machines, bass guitars, MP3 and CD players and more. Both inputs may be used simultaneously. Each channel offers Volume, Tone and Effects level controls. Master section controls are Volume, Effects level, Aux level, and Low, Mid and High tone controls. On the back of the unit, a Line Out jack may be used to connect the system to an additional power amp or external recording device. Aux In RCA jacks are intended for audio devices such as MP3 or CD players. Aux Out RCA jacks may be used to record directly from the mixer. The PW100H provides professional audio reproduction for a wide variety of environments. From clubs, bars and restaurants to schools and churches, the PW100H has your powered mixer needs covered.

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