Powerwerks PW215 Speaker Cabinet

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Powerwerks PW215 Speaker Cabinet at DC Music. Thank you for your interest in the Powerwerks PW215 Speaker Cabinet. Powerwerks PW215 Speaker Cabinet. The Powerwerks® PW215 delivers pro-quality sound for performance environments where punchy, room-filling audio is required and expected. The PW215 features two, 15-inch, custom-designed Powerwerks speakers that produce thumping, powerful bass frequencies. Power handling is rated at 300 watts RMS (600 watts Peak). Treble content is reproduced via a compression horn with a one-inch exit. A real compression driver like this provides high output, a smooth crossover point and a flat, high-fidelity response curve. The PW215 excels at reproducing dynamic signals such as vocals, drum kits, keyboards and more. When you need the power and presence of a quality 2x15 P.A. cabinet, the Powerwerks 215H can handle the job with style.

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