Pro Co RAT 2 Distortion Pedal

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Pro Co RAT 2 Distortion Pedal. ProCo has been building great distortion pedals for years that guitarists hold as the best distortion pedal on the market. The Rat 2 gives you a massive array of tonal variations that take you from silky smooth to an unleashed tiger that will rip your face off.

The Rat2 gives you a red LED on indicator so it's easy to see when it's kicked on visually and offers a distortion knob on the far left which you use to dial in the amount of distortion you would like from your Rat. A Filter knob determines the tone you wish and the volume simply how loud you would like this Pro Co Pedal to unleash upon your audience.

The "Rat 2 Pedal" slips right into a mix and is a true by-pass effect pedal. Using it's passive style switching for the inputs as well as the output it simply eliminates the power loss and tone sucking that many other pedals on the market face.

The battery is a breeze to change and no tools are needed. All this is backed up by Pro Co's five year warranty - any excuse, even abuse. Who warranties pedals better than this company? This is a professional stomp box you can depend on.

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