Pro Co Turbo Rat

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Pro Co Turbo Rat. The Turborat gives you a massive amount of sustain. This "Turbo Rat" has a max output of two point eight V which is twice what the former pedals had. ProCo builds these in heavy duty metal cases so they're built to withstand years of gigging and use on the road and in the studio.

No tools need to change the Turbo Rat's battery which comes in handy when you're out on a gig and lose a battery. Use the RPS1 power adapter (not included) to plug in without the need of a battery.

The Turbo Rat features a red LED on indicator light which is easy to see even on a dark stage.

Knobs include a distortion know which brings you from a semi calm distortion level to a barking tone and full clockwise to raging thunder and seemingly endless sustain at your disposal. Filter shapes the tonal characteristics of this pedal. Spin it left or right and you'll be amazed at the differences in the tone. IT will seem like you have several different pedals. The volume knob of course is your foot-pedal for how loud you want this baby to rip for you.

With the Turbo Rat 2 you'll notice a brighter tone with much more of a tube sound than other Rat's. A variable distortion amount with filter cut-ff and volume controls. Pro Co offers these pedals that are hand built here in the USA. Made int he USA! What's more they back them with an iron clad five year warranty. Wait, you've hear that before? But their warranty is any excuse, even abuse. Wow! That's a company that stands behind their product!

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