Pro Secrets of Heavy Rock Singing

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Pro Secrets of Heavy Rock Singing Book 14026276

The Pro Secrets of Heavy Rock Singing Book 14026276 is your No. 1 guide if you looking for all the answers to how to sing heavy rock music. This Hal Leonard publication delves deep into the realm of rock and metal, featuring a hefty set of 94 pages of exercises, tips, tricks and words of wisdom. The release is hailed as the first instructional singing book that addresses exclusively rock vocals in the words of some of the genre's all-time champions.

The book will teach you to sing like a pro, as well as how to maximize your vocal range and increase your singing power. Also included in the mix are interviews and quotes with a vast array of famous vocalists, including Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, former Queensryche singer Geoff Tate, Joe Lynn Turner of Rainbow and Yngwie Malmsteen fame, John Bush of Armored Saint and Anthrax, and Dream Theater vocalist James Labrie. If additional info and details are needed, don't hesitate to come down to the store or drop us a line through the web.

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