Recorder Hohner S9509

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Recorder Hohner S9509

The Hohner Recorded S9509 is a nifty toy designed for young beginner musicians, primarily children, as one of the simple, but hopefully effective ways to get them introduced with the fascinating world of music. The S9509 has a strong robust built and is very easy, and perhaps more importantly, very safe to use, allowing your kid to have hours upon hours of creative fun. People forget that the best kind of fun a kid can have is the creative one, and that is exactly what musical instruments like this have to offer.

This one-piece Hohner instrument features a baroque tuning and a very light weight. Mix it up with such a fun instrument like kazoo and full-on family fun is in the bag. The product is generally not intended for small children under the age of three, so please consider that. Apart from this mild warning, the instrument is quite a safe one and presents pretty much no hazard at all. But it does present a significant source of initial creativity for your young padawans, the one that just might mark the beginning of a long, yet enormously rewarding musical journey to last for a lifetime.

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