Remo Muff L Ring Control

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Remo Muff L Ring Control

The Muff L Ring Control by Remo provides moderate tone control and partial muffling by using foam donuts to absorb the rattle of many different sized drum heads. Available in sizes 8" 10" 12" 13" 14" 15" 16" 18" 20" 22" and 24" for any drum head. Special plastic trays hold the foam rings in place, and they easily mount under the head and on top of the bearing edge. Adhesives are not needed to install these Muff L tone control rings, as Remo has utilized a triple notched system which firmly presses the foam against the drum head, even on bass drums with low tension.

Remo Muff L Ring Control item numbers by size

MF-1008-00 Muffle Control Ring, 8 inch
MF-1010-00 Muffle Control Ring, 10 inch
MF-1012-00 Muffle Control Ring, 12 inch
MF-1013-00 Muffle Control Ring, 13 inch
MF-1014-00 Muffle Control Ring, 14 inch
MF-1015-00 Muffle Control Ring, 15 inch
MF-1016-00 Muffle Control Ring, 16 inch
MF-1018-00 Muffle Control Ring, 18 inch

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