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Rock Guitar Book. The Rock Guitar Book by Peter Vogl is the way to begin learning rock rhythm and soloing. This is the companion book to Intro to Rock Guitar DVD and is the followup course to the Electric Guitar Primer. This course will teach you how to play more advanced rock & roll rhythm, minor pentatonic scales up and down the neck, and how to use the scales to create "classic" rock solos. The book covers all the material in the video, plus additional information (playing in other keys up and down the neck, more bending techniques, and an expanded hot licks section). The companion audio CD contains all of the exercises, songs, and solos in the book played at two speeds (slow for practice and up tempo for performing) and all solos are played along with a full band (drums, bass, keyboard, and rhythm guitar). This book contains all you need to learn how to get that legendary rock & roll guitar sound.

Techniques Covered

•Power Chords

•Am Pentatonic Scale




•Double Stops

•Extended Pentatonic Scale



•Harmmer Ons

•Pull Offs

•Hot Licks

•Barre Chords

•Palm Mute Features

•Many photographs and diagrams to illustrate left and right hand technique.

•Music written in both tablature and standard music notation.

•DVD markers & CD markers for easy cross reference .

•Songs are played at 2 speeds on the CD (slow for practicing and up-tempo for performing).

•Additional material that is not on the DVD, but included on the CD.

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