Roland AC-33 Combo Amp

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The Roland AC-33

The Roland AC 33 comes as the world's first ever battery-powered guitar amp designed specifically for acoustic guitars. The AC-33 offers great power and portability in a compact package, rounded up with some pretty neat specs. This Roland acoustic guitar amp delivers 30 watts of natural stereo acoustic sound via a set of twin speakers. It is powered either by AC power through an included adapter or by a set of eight AA batteries.

The AC-33 offers dual channel configuration for guitar and microphone, and includes several guitar effects in the mix, most notably reverb, chorus, and some brand new ambiance effects. It also has an advanced anti-feedback control function, and even a phrase looper with 40 seconds of recording time. Finally, the input/output mix is rounded up with a stereo AUX input, and a headphone output for silent practice sessions. On the practical side, the amp sports a built-in stand for tilt back mode, which makes this item suitable for an onstage monitor amp, and there is also a removable battery cartridge for easier battery replacement. The casing is quite sturdy and durable and the amp is not prone to physical damage. A list of specs and features is available below.

Roland AC-33 Acoustic Chorus Combo Amp Features:

  • 30W (15W + 15W) of natural, stereo acoustic sound through twin speakers
    Runs on AC power or eight AA batteries (accepts rechargeable NiMH types)
    Dual-channel configuration: Guitar and Mic/Line
    Reverb, chorus and new ambiance effects
    Advanced anti-feedback function
    Phrase looper with 40 seconds of record time
    Stereo AUX input
    Headphone output
    Built-in tilt-back stand
    Removable battery cartridge for easy battery replacement

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