Roland CD-2E Compact Flash and CD Recorder

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Roland CD-2E Compact Flash and CD Recorder

The Roland CD-2E is a compact flash and CD recorded that has proven itself as the fastest way to capture any given musical moment and instantly render it to a CD or a smart disk (SD) card for future storage and/or distribution. This is a perfect recorded for everything from rehearsals to lectures, including recitals and even live music shows and concerts. It's an all in one type of product, allowing the user to perform a vast array of operations, including recording, edition and burning of any given material. The item does not require any extra cables or devices in order to be connected, nor does it need a connection with a computer of any kind.

This Roland recorder is a perfect if you need a device on the go. It offers high performance stereo speakers, a stereo mic, as well as a built-in CD drive. In a nutshell, this thing is ready to hit the road the moment you take it out of the box. Also included in the mix is an AC adapter, although the item can run on six standard AA batteries. Several playback modes are also included, giving you an ability to change the recorded audio's pitch, key, and tempo. There is also neat metronome to help you keep the beat, as well as a wireless remote controller. A very versatile product bound to be cherished by any musician or auidio pro out there. Available display languages include English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and Japanese.

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