Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal

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Roland EV-5 Expression Pedal:

     The Roland EV-5 is a multi-purpose expression pedal that can help you organize your guitar effects and significantly increase the efficiency of your playing and stage performance. The EV-5 can be connected to a vast array of other pedals and used to control their various aspects without having to crouch down and tweak with all the knobs and switches. It is a neat tool that comes with an affordable price and is typically an investment more than worth making.

     This Roland expression pedal is compatible with not only Roland products, but with Boss items as well. Depending on the instrument you are playing, the EV 5 can be utilized as a volume pedal, a data entry pedal, a real time parameter control pedal, or much more. We are talking about a highly versatile product with a budget-friendly price tag, something every musician out there can appreciate. The durability is high, meaning that not only can the pedal withstand a decent amount of standard minor damage from transport, but is can also withstand frequent use.

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