Rudy Sarzo Workingman's Bass Loops

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Rudy Sarzo Workingman's Bass Loops at DC Music. Thank you for your interest in the Rudy Sarzo Workingman's Bass Loops. Sometimes there's nothing more satisfying than simplicity itself. Who can deny the impact of a heavy message delivered on the back of a straight and steady groove? Rudy Sarzo understands. His well-oiled bass metal punch press has worked like a charm for big rock and metal contractors like Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, and Whitesnake.

This ACID® software-savvy bassman stamped out big pallets full of thick, round-wound bottom fasteners, trimmed for optimum treble and bite, perfectly looped, and ready for delivery to your local ACID software assembly plant. Every studio foreman needs functional bass lines and one shots in all the important keys, so here they are – with each key voiced to bring out all the best tones. Start using these bread 'n' butter bass widgets today, and your ACID software workforce will rejoice. Sony® Sound Series™ libraries are royalty-free and legit, so you won't have no union bosses or goodfellas trying to tap your goldmine after you hit paydirt with the Workingman's Bass loopset. Time to go to work!

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