Snark SA-1 9 Volt Power Supply

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SA-1 Snark 9 volt power supply:

The Snark SA-1 9 volt power supply adapter powers up to 15 pedals! Sure and steady voltage. Noise filtering for silent operation. The strong silent type. UL Listed.Input AC100 - 240V, 50-60hz, 0.1a, output DC9V, 400ma. Optional SA-2 daisy chain cable connects up to 5 pedals per daisy.

Snark SA-1 9 Volt Power Supply Features:
• Solid & Steady 9 Volt Supply (Wimpy supplies waver and eat tone…Snark doesn’t!) • Powers up to 15 Pedals!
• "Zero Hum" Noise Filtering…for Silent Operation

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