Scott Tennant's Basic Classical Guitar Method 2

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Scott Tennant's Basic Classical Guitar Method 2

The Scott Tennant's Basic Classical Guitar Method 2 is a great tool aimed at people wanting to learn to play classical guitar. This Alfred release covers a lot of ground, featuring guides on how to play in different positions on the fingerboard, how to play new techniques such as barres, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and grace notes. The book features Scott Tennant to deliver the lessons and pave the way for your musical journey.

Explanations are given in standard notation and guitar tab form, all of which are 100 percent certified and accurate. This way you will save time from conducting those endless web searches and filtering poor quality content on the internet, making your practice hours more efficient and concise. If additional details and info are required, feel free to drop us a line through the web, or just come down to the store, we're always glad to be of help.

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