Seymour Duncan ST59-1 Little 59 Telecaster Pickup

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Seymour Duncan ST59-1 Little 59 Telecaster Pickup:

     The ST59 1 Little 59 has a very smooth, warm, and smooth tone made to replicate the tone of the old '59 humbucker. This is not another copy of an older pickup, but a very modern pickup that blends that old-school sound with modern design. The ST59-1 is a lead pickup that has a four-conductor cable. It has a medium output with a balanced, and even bass and treble response, and a scooped midrange, meant to replicate that of a full-bodied humbucker. This pickup is great for everything from country to rock. Just like a humbucker, this pickup has a four-conductor lead wire which allows you to wire it up for coil splitting and parallel wiring options. The ST59-1 is meant to fit right into a standard Fender American telecaster sized pickup space. The pickup also features a ceramic bar magnet, and is wax potted to avoid any squealing or humming.



  • Hybrid lead pickup
  • Warm, smooth tone
  • Similar to '59 PAF but twangier
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