Seymour Duncan Woody Acoustic Guitar Pickup

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Seymour Duncan Woody HC Hum-Canceling Sound hole Pickup:

     The Seymour Duncan Woody HC is a hum-canceling sound hole pickup that utilizes the renowned Stack technology in order to deliver a full-bodied tone. The Woody HC pickups are easy to quickly mount, feature a moderate output and all the necessary sound-canceling features. They are passive magnetic soundhole pickups packed within a sturdy maple cover. This Seymour Duncan pickup offers a warm and rich tone without a 60-cycle hum, which comes very handy for both flashy strumming and delicate finger-style picking.

    Additionally, the pickup works with basically any guitar amp, although acoustic guitar amplifiers are preferred. It also works when plugged directly into the PA system or a mixing console, making this little Seymour a very versatile product. It's reliable, strong, and durable. Make sure to check out a summary of Woody HC features, specs and details in the segment below.

Seymour Duncan Woody HC Hum-Canceling Soundhole Pickup Features:

  • Quick-mount, passive, magnetic soundhole pickup
  • Hum canceling
  • Moderate output
  • Instant-mount Housed in maple cover and double potted
  • Warm and rich tone with no 60-cycle hum
  • Great for strumming and delicate finger-style playing
  • Works with any guitar amplifier (acoustic guitar amp preferred), or plugged directly into P.A. systems or mixing consoles
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