Shure Dual Wireless System

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Shure Dual Wireless System

The Shure Dual Wireless System is a neat mic package that offers a great set of Shure mics at an affordable price. The Shure wireless system delivers a very reliable performance worthy of one of the leading mic manufacturers in the world. It can handle up to eight compatible systems and delivers great signal strength via internal antenna, making it more than capable of covering even the large venues. Speaking of antennas, the device utilizes internal 1/4 wave antennas to minimize poor positioning and breakage.

This Shure system features a PG30TQG headset condenser microphone and a PG4 receiver and a PG2 hand-held transmitter. The device has a 250-feet (75 m) operating range and a wide audio channel response between 45 Hz and 15 kHz. The mix also includes a 9V battery that can provide up to eight ours of work mode. Much like any Shure item, this mic boasts great durability and reliability, making it more than capable of withstanding a solid amount of physical damage. Quite a few factors to consider here, so make sure to check out a detailed rundown of Shure Dial Wireless System features, specs and details in the segment below.

Shure Dual Wireless System Features:

Reliable wireless performance

Up to 8 compatible systems (across multiple bands)

Shure's patented Predictive Diversity ensures continuous reception

Confident, portable setup

Internal Antenna

First in the industry

Internal 1/4 wave antennas minimize poor positioning and breakage

Durable construction

Superior sound quality

Variable ratio for clear sound

80 years of microphone expertise

PG30TQG Headset Condenser Microphone
Comfortable wire frame for secure fit

Smooth, natural frequency response comparable to quality handheld microphones

Reliable at temperature and humidity extremes

PG4 Receiver
Internal Antenna Diversity

Up to 10 selectable channels

8 compatible systems (multiple bands vary per country)

1/4 in. and XLR output

PG2 Handheld Transmitter
Power, mute and battery status LED

Power and mute switch

9V battery (included) provides 8 hours of battery life

75m (250 ft.) operating range

PG1 Body-pack Transmitter
Power, mute and battery status LED

Power and mute switch

9V battery (included) provides 8 hours of battery life

75m (250 ft.) operating range
Technical Info
Working Range: 75m (250 ft.) Note: actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection, and interference.

Audio Channel Response: Minimum: 45 Hz. Maximum: 15 kHz (overall system channel depends on microphone element).

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5%, typical Ref. +/- 33 kHz deviation, 1 kHz tone

Dynamic Range: >100 dB A-weighted, typical
Operating Temperature Range: -18

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