Shure PSM 200

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Shure PSM 200

The Shure PSM 200 is a first-class wireless personal monitoring system that utilizes a set of powerful SE 215 earphones for a clear, bright and authentic sound output. The PSM 200 features a P2R hybrid body-pack receiver and operates both in wired and wireless regime. Also note that both operation modes can be activated simultaneously. The device also implements an on-board headphone limiter and a frequency locator, along with a high-impact plastic chassis. The front mounted antenna does a great job and keeps the signal strong at all time and over a solid distance, making the PSM 200 perfectly suitable even for large live concerts.

Among other notable features, this Shure monitoring system utilizes P2T wireless TransMixer technology, an integrated cable management, two mic and line input channels for strong mix control and a sound isolating design. The device is very comfortable and leaves the musician free to focus purely on performance rather that to hassle with all the gizmos. It comes with a two-year limited warranty, and includes a fit kit with sound-isolating sleeves, along with a soft-zip carrying case. Make sure to check out a detailed list of Shure PSM 200 features and specs in the paragraph below.

Shure PSM 200 Features

P2R Hybrid Bodypack Receiver
Operates as a wired or wireless body-pack, or both simultaneously
Frequency locator
Built-in headphone limiter
Integrated cable management
High-impact plastic chassis
1/4" Line input jack with high/low gain switch
P2T Wireless TransMixer
Built-in audio limiter
Front mounted antenna
Two mic/line input channels for mix control
1/2 Rack space
SE215 Earphones
Detailed sound with enhanced bass
Sound isolating design
Unmatched personalization and comfort
Single dynamic micro driver
Detachable cable with wireform fit
2-year limited warranty
Includes fit kit with sound isolating sleeves
Comes with soft-zip carrying case

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