Shure SM57 Microphone

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Shure SM57 Microphone

The Shure SM 57 is somewhat of a household name among producers and recording engineers as one of those classic trusty and reliable mics you can utilize for just about any type of recording. Before proceeding any further, we'll just note that the SM 57 has been used as a standard podium microphone by none-other than the US president for well over 30 years.

The SM 57 is a microphone that is used by musicians around the world in all sorts of environments, for various instruments and vocal types both in the studio during recording sessions and onstage during live concerts. The mic offers a wide frequency response ranging from 40 Hz to 15 kHz, as well as a tight cardioid polar pattern, both of which function perfectly for close-in speaker miking. This Shure mic is a very natural and organic-sounding item with a super durable and basically bulletproof design. The level of reliability, durability and quality is very high, making it ever so clear why the SM 57 is one of the all-time crowd favorites. Finally, make sure to check out a brief summary of Shure SM 57 features, specs and details in the paragraph below.

Shure SM57 Microphone Features

Natural sounding
Durable bulletproof design
Used widely in studios as well as on stage
Frequency response: 40Hz-15kHz
Tight cardioid polar pattern

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