Shure SM58S Microphone SM58S-LC

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Shure SM58S Microphone

The Shure SM58S is a microphone that set new industry standards and still stands as one of the greatest recording and live mics of all time. The SM58S comes straight from the workshops of the world's leading mic manufacturer and is globally renowned not only for high-quality audio output, but for amazing durability, as this item can take a seriously mean punch. We're talking physical damage that would ruin the vast majority of mics out there, yet the SM58S is more than capable of taking it and still work without a hitch.

Additionally, this Shure microphone is tailored for vocals and features a distinctive upper mid-range presence along with a smooth frequency response between 50 Hz and 15 kHz. It is perfectly balanced and comfortable in the performer's hand and even features a convenient on/off switch easier use. When sound-quality, durability and the products's life expectancy are taken into consideration, this deal is a true bargain. Saying that it just delivers a great bang for the buck would be a severe understatement. A brief summary of Shure SM 58S microphone features, specs and details is available in the segment below.

Shure SM58S microphone Features

An industry-standard for stage vocals
Distinctive upper mid-range presence
Perfectly balanced and comfortable in the hand
Smooth, vocal-tailored frequency response: 50Hz-15kHz
Includes an on/off switch for convenience onstage

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