Signature Licks Lynyrd Skynyrd DVD

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Signature Licks Lynyrd Skynyrd DVD

The Signature Licks Lynyrd Skynyrd DVD is a top quality collection of Lynyrd Skynyrd tunes and a great way to learn to play southern rock on guitar. This Hal Leonard publication dives deep into that triple guitar attack of Allen Collins' Gibson Firebird, Gary Rossington's Les Paul, and Ed King's Fender Strat (later played by Steve Gaines). It features guitar instructor Greg Koch explaining some of the band's all-time classics, including "Free Bird," "Don't Ask Me No Questions," "Sweet Home Alabama," and more.

Each of the 8 songs transcribed in the songbook is 100 percent accurate, making this one of the definite ways of learning the Skynyrd goods. This will make your practice hours maximally efficient, all while retaining a fair and budget friendly price tag. If additional info and details are needed, don't hesitate to come down to the store or contact us online.

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