Sing harmony Bluegrass 3 6946 - CD

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Sing harmony Bluegrass 3 6946 - CD

Learn to Sing Harmony. Now You Can Learn How To Sing Two, Three, Four Part Harmony even if you never thought you could! For each song you'll hear: These courses teach you step-by-step how to sing in harmony. You'll also learn an easy way to figure out harmony singing parts from your guitar. Chorus of the song. All together. Instructor singing the Melody. Instructor singing Tenor. Instructor singing the Baritone. Instructor singing the Bass. Great for practicing in the car! You don't need you hands, you're all alone no one can hear you sing, there's nothing else to do on a long boring drive, so why not develop a skill that you can be proud of. It's easy...Choose from six different "How to Sing Harmony" Courses. They are all equal in difficulty, so just pick your favorite! The more you get, the more songs you have to practice with. Bluegrass III by Dan Huckabee. Just Think I'll Stay Around, Love Me Darlin' Just Tonight, Why Don't You Tell Me So, Cryin' My Heart Out Over You, Legend of the Rebel Soldier, My Walkin' Shoes Don't Fit Me Anymore, Gonna Paint the Town, I'm Goin' Back to Old Kentucky, Hold Whatcha Got, Wayfaring Stranger, Don't Let Your Deal Go Down, Head over Heels in Love with You, In the Pines, Ride Me Down Easy, Prisoner's Song, Little Girl of Mine in Tennessee, No Mother or Dad, I'm Waiting to Hear You Call Me Darlin', Take this Hammer, Cabin in Caroline, Some Old Day, 'Til the End of the World Goes Round, Travelin' Down this Lonesome Road, One Tear, Roustabout, Your Old Love Letters, Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor, Blue Moon of Kentucky.
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