Slap Bass DVD

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Hal Leonard Slap Bass DVD 320322

The Hal Leonard Slap Bass DVD 320322 is one of the best instructional tools on how to learn to play slap bass. This Hal Leonard publication delves deep into all the secrets of funk bass, covering such notable topics as slapping, popping, dead notes, left-hand integration, as well as more advanced techniques and grooving with a drum machine. Also included in the mix is funk history - the hallowed grooves of the Funk Triumvirate, slow demos, creating your own grooves, tips on sound, and much more.

The DVD comes with an included booklet to help you master the goods with more ease. If additional info and details are needed, feel free to contact us through the web or come down to the store, we are always glad to be of assistance. As always, you can buy bass learning DVDs at the lowest price online right here at DC Music Store.

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