Slow blast software

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Slow blast software

Slow blast software at DC Music Store. Slow down a song your working on so you can hear the music easier!

Slow blast is an excellent tool to use for practicing songs, hard parts, learning riffs etc. Slow blast allows you to slow down any CD recording without changing the pitch. Back in the day we slowed down our LP's to pick off licks but the pitch went down also so you had to down tune. not so with this product! Learn from the Legends! Figure out chords, rhythms and melodies to any song you want to leanr. Play along with your favorite music at the tempo you desire. Develop your ear as you hone in on recordings. This is fantastic for the complete beginner as well as the advanced musicians. A Worldwide woodshed product sold for less at DC Music Store.

Slowblast unlocks the musical treaures in your CD collection! A studio quality algorithm allows you to hear the phrasing and technique that your favorite songs contain. It's very easy to use and will have you up and runnig in now time. You can even loop sections of the music so that you can learn just about anything you want off the recordings by ear. No more straining to hear passages that pass by way to quickly. What was that chord again? What was that chord pattern? Was that a hammer on? Did they slide up to which note? These things are so much easier to hear now at a slower tempo. Use this software and beomce a better musician.

SlowBlast! features the same top-notch slowdown algorithm as SlowGold II, but with a snazzy simple interface and a bargain price. A fantastic zero-learning-curve impulse buy that any musician, regardless of style, will enjoy.

The Slow blast software at DC Music Store!

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