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Slow Gold Software. What this software does is it slows down the music so you can learn it easier. SlowGold II software (worldwide woodshed) makes it so much easier to learn songs. Instead of the music flying by you can slow it down so you can easily pick up the guitar parts, drums, solos and so on. Slow Gold is the version in comparison to Slow Blast from World Wide Woodshed as you can save with this software. No need to set it up yet again.

Slowing down the music makes it so much easier to accurately learn musical parts. It's also a much better way to practice along with the music. With this item you can see what is really happening in the song. Most all of the great players spent hours, days, weeks and years pouring over the guitar hero's techniques. Sadly they had to do this with a reel to reel, cassette, album etc. but this software lets you do it very easily and also it keeps the pitch. For example, if you slowed down an album or any typical audio the pitch also goes lower. Not so with Slow Gold as the key of the song stays in tact. Great for the guitar players, drummers, keyboard players and even singers can learn much more using this item.

The product won the Ten out of Ten by Bass player online.

Install the CD to change the key of the song, and it also has a built in recorder so you can make loops of sections of the song. It also has a large screen where you can add lyrics or add comments about the song.

Slow Gold Software System Requirements:

Windows 95, 98, Win 7, NT4, 2000 + pc with a sound card. Just 12 mega bytes of space. A Pentium 1166 or more though real slow down and transposition requires a 300mhz Pentium or greater.

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