Smokey amplifier Polycarbonate box box with color options

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Smokey amplifier Polycarbonate box with color options. The Deluxe model Smokey Amp is the world's smallest and least expensive guitar amplifier, proudly made in the USA. The box is a translucent polycarbonate box (Translucent Poly box). (Blue, Red & Green available). Specify a color when ordering. The Deluxe Model will also power a 4x12 speaker cabinet and can even be used on the input of another amp as a fuzzbox. This little amp is about the size of a cigarette box. It comes with a 9 volt battery. It has an input and external output. Use the volume control on your guitar. Rolling stones, ZZ Top, The Black Crowes, Dwight Yokam and other use Smoky amps.

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