Confessions of a Serial Songwriter

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The Confessions of a Serial Songwriter book is an amusing memoir about songwriter Shelly Peiken's as a young girl falling in love with songs to working as a professional songwriter. It's about growing up, the creative process (the highs and the lows), the conflicts that arise between motherhood and career success, the divas and schemers, but also the remarkable people she's found along the way in her songwriting journey. It's filled with stories and step-by-step advice about the songwriting process, especially dealing with collaboration. And it's about the challenge of staying relevant in a rapidly changing and youth-driven songwriting world.

As Shelly explains in Confessions of a Serial Songwriter: “If I had to come up with one X factor that I could cite as a characteristic most hit songs have in common (and this excludes hit songs that are put forth by an already well-oiled machine...that is, a recording artist who has so much notoriety and momentum that just about anything he or she releases, as long as it's 'pretty good,' will have a decent shot at succeeding), I would say it would be: A universal sentiment in a unique frame.” Peiken songs have been recorded by such artists as Christina Aguilera, Natalie Cole, Selena Gomez, Celine Dion, the Pretenders, and more. In Confessions of a Serial Songwriter, she pulls the curtain back on the music business from the perspective of a hit creator and shares insight into the craft of songwriting.

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