Spitballs HE185 Herco

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Spitballs HE185 Herco

The Spitballs HE185 Herco is a top quality set of cleaning discs crafted by one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. The Spitballs HE 185 is made for brass instruments, featuring a specially treated moist foam for maximum efficiency. The item is used by blowing it through the instrument's horn, giving it an instant thorough cleaning.

The Spitballs are available in a variety of options, including editions for trumpet, cornet, french horn and small bore trombones. The price is very affordable, making this little dude almost a must have for any musician out there. As always, you can buy this product at the lowest price online right here at DC Music Store. If you need additional info or details, make sure to contact us online of come down to the store.

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