Stage 5 Samson Wireless headset system

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Samson Stage 5 wireless system. Stage 5 Samson HS5 w/mini plug. The Samson Stage 5 systems are VHF systems. All systems include the transmitter and reciever. To use them you would connect this output of the system to any amplifier or loud speaker - PA etc. Samson Stage 5 wireless systems. Incredible reception, crystal clear sound in a VHF system priced to bring the freedom of wireless to everyone. The Stage 5 system offers transmitters for every application including handheld, headset and lavalier microphone styles. Great for guitars too, just plug in with a Samson GC5 guitar cable. A great-sounding and incredibly affordable system, the SR5 VHF receiver offers variable squelch, six segment LED RF level and audio level metering, front mounted antenna and XLR and 1/4 outputs. The ST5 belt pack features 1/8 mini-jack input for all Stage Series mic transmitters. Will operate flawlessly for 10 hours with one 9 Volt Battery. Includes battery level meter. Picture shows various elements of different wireless systems. System components vary, see details above.

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