The Best of Eric Johnson Songbook

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The Best of Eric Johnson Songbook

The Best of Eric Johnson Songbook is a highly efficient instructional book for folks interested in learning how to play Eric Johnson music on guitar. This Hal Leonard release features such timeless classics as The Boogie King, Camel's Night Out, Desert Rose, Emerald Eyes, and more. It features a size of 9 x 12 inches and a total length of 160 pages. We are talking about one of the most underrated guitar heroes of our time, and you can take our word that some of the stuff on these pages is guaranteed to blow your mind with intricacy, finesse and sonic grace.

Explanations are given in standard notation and tab form, and they are all 100 percent accurate and certified. This way you will save time from conducting those endless internet searches and filtering low quality content on the internet, making your practice time more efficient and concise. In case additional info and details is required don't hesitate to contact us online or simply come down to the store. The full list of tunes is available below.

Song list:

Emerald Eyes
High Landrons
Venus Isle
All About You
Camel's Night Out
Desert Rose
The Boogie King
Bristol Shore
Cliffs Of Dover
Soulful Terrain

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