The First Book of Tenor Solos

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The First Book of Tenor Solos HL 50481175

The First Book of Tenor Solos is a fine way for any musician to dive into the world of tenor singing. This Hal Leonard publication features vocal melodies, piano accompaniments an lyrics to a variety of vocal standards and classical compositions, with a rich total of 30 songs and a standardized size of 9 x 12 inches.

The mix includes a variety of American and British art songs, along with folk song arrangements, sacred songs and a sampling of compositions in German, Spanish, Italian, and French. If you need more info, do drop us a line or come down to the store. Finally, you can find the book's list of contents right below.


Orpheus With His Lute composed by Coates
My Lady Walks in Loveliness composed by Charles
The Lord Is My Light Traditional.
All Day on the Prairie composed by Guion
All Through The Night Traditional.
At the Ball composed by Tchaikovsky
The Black Dress composed by Niles
Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair Traditional.
Brother Will, Brother John composed by Sacco
By Mendip Side composed by Coates
Come Again, Sweet Love composed by Dowland
Der Mond composed by Mendelssohn
The Inquisitive One composed by Schubert
A Youth Oft Love a Maiden composed by Schumann
Go, Lovely Rose composed by Quilter
He That Keepeth Israel composed by Scholsser
I Attempt from Love's Sickness composed by Purcell
I Love and I Must composed by Purcell
Jesu, The Very Thought of Thee composed by Wesley
La Sena composed by Hague
Loch Lomond Traditional.
May Song composed by Beethoven
O Mistress Mine composed by Walthew
My Lord, What a Morning composed by Johnson
Noche Serena composed by Hague
Ol'Jim composed by Edwards
Religion Is a Fortune composed by Johnson
Sento nel Core composed by Scarlatti
Silent Worship composed by Handel
Wayfaring Stranger Traditional.
What Shall I Do to Show How Much I Love Her? composed by Purcell
The Daisies composed by Barber
Lydia composed by Faure
Rio Grande composed by Dougherty

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