The Formula Of Music

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The Formula Of Music MW3518 DVD. Understanding The Formula Of Music. Makes it so Easy! (2-hour video). Would you like to learn how music really works? "Whenever I hear a new song on the radio, I already know how to play it the moment I hear it!" Sounds like magic but the truth is, all good musician's can do that, and so can you, after we've shown you what to listen for. Be that guy who everyone thinks is a natural born talent!


Now you can learn on your own without being at the mercy of teachers and books. You'll have music in you coming out your ears! Music is as simple as first grade math, but a lot more fun! Watching this video will make you musically enlightened! Most of us start by taking a few lessons on an instrument, or by trying to figure out how to play on our own. But it's a struggle because we're kind of in the dark. You will gain an ear for harmony & melody, plus knowledge of the mechanics, as well as the language of musical terms. Everything is laid out in the most logical order, with the easiest examples to practice on.


The best thing about it is, it's so much fun that you'll forget you're studying! It will give you the understanding that the pros have! It's really just 4 years of college music theory condensed down into 2-hours of just watching TV. Find out why those great musicians are so talented and join 'em yourself! It's not such a mystery if you know what you're doing. Split screen close ups & video graphics put it right in your lap! Learn: Ear training, the Nashville Numbering System, Perfect Pitch, history of the formula, voicing, how to figure out the chords to any song, how to recognize intervals , tempered scale, circles of 4ths & 5ths, and much more! No matter what instrument you are learning, THIS DVD WILL HELP!


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