The Mastering Engineer's Handbook (Third Edition)

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The Mastering Engineer's Handbook (Third Edition)

The Mastering Engineer's Handbook (Third Edition) of Bobby Owsinski's classic The Mastering Engineer's Handbook is a completely updated and new, comprehensive manual on the art and science of creating a well mastered recordings. Updated to reflect the latest in technology and recent changes in the constantly evolving marketplace. This book covers all you need to know from the history of mastering, to prepping your mix, to learning the tools of mastering, the mastering process, and all you need to know when mastering for a variety of output media, including CD, vinyl, online, and much more. Also included is Owsinski's interviews with a number of successful mastering engineers discussing their techniques and tips that will help you when developing your own music with know how. Alfred Item: 54-1305116682


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