The Singers Toolbox DVD 320397

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The Singers Toolbox DVD 320397

The Singers Toolbox DVD 320397 is a great guide on how to maintain your singing voice and keep it in proper shape. This Hal Leonard publication features vocal therapist Mark Baxter, the man who worked with a variety of global singing stars, as your singing guide and tutor. The DVD features a string of instructions, including exercises, explanations on how the voice works, tips for singing any style of music, four steps to keeping your voice strong and ready for singing, specific performance tips, how to repair vocal damage, and more. It requires no prior vocal training whatsoever, all you need to do is pop this video in and join the ride.

In total, we are looking at 50 minutes of content jammed with useful info. The release is super concise and highly effective, making your practice hours maximally efficient. If you need additional info or details regarding this release, don't hesitate to drop us a line through the web or simply come down to the store.

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