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Ukulele Chords Book

Ukulele Chords Book, this is a great book for reference for all your "Ukulele chords". Intended for the soprano or Tenor Uke tuned with G-C-E-A tuning, this "Chord Book" includes open as well as moveable chords for up the fingerboard. You get a guide of all your basic chord types including major, minor, seventh, diminished, augmented and many others.

Great photos and diagrams of the chords used for Ukulele is included in this reference guide book. Find a large selection of Uke books, Ukuleles and all other musical instruments and accessories at DC Music Store and always at the very lowest prices.

Right Handed Ukulele Chord Book 93269M Book & Online Audio

Left Handed Ukulele Chord Book 30067 Book

Ukulele Chords Book Contents:

Index of Chords
How to Hold the Uke
The Pick
The Left Hand
The Fingerboard
Tuning the Uke
The Major Chords
The Minor Chords
The Seventh Chords
The Diminished Chords
The Augmented Chords
The Sixth Chords
The Ninth Chords
The Major Seventh Chords
The Minor Seventh Chords
The Sixth Chords
The Minor Sixth Chords
The Seventh Augmented Fifth
The Seventh Diminished Fifth

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