Washburn B17 Banjo

Product image 1Washburn B17 Banjo
Product image 2Washburn B17 Banjo

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Washburn B17 Banjo

The Washburn B17 is a classy banjo that delivers a high-end sound straight from the workshop of one of the leading musical instrument manufacturers in the world. The B17 is a 5 String Banjo with a bell brass tone ring, and a flat head construction. It delivers a smooth and bright tone with a pinch of punch and bass section. Also included in the mix is a tension tail piece, a classic remo head, a flame maple resonator, and some classy gold hardware to sweeten the deal. Additionally, we have to note that this is one pretty-looking instrument, and although it's not about the looks, a bit of flash never hurt anyone.

This Washburn banjo also features an engraved arm rest, as well as an engraved headstock and heel rock maple neck. This instrument is sturdy, durable and reliable. It can perfectly take a minor punch or two, but since we are talking about an acoustic instrument, a pretty one too, it is advisable that you don't abuse it and show proper respect. The price tag offers a good value for the money, turning the B17 into a well-rounded deal. Finally, you can check out the full list of Washburn B17 banjo features, specs and details in the paragraph below.

Washburn B17 Banjo Features

5 String.
Bell Brass Tone Ring.
Flat head construction.
Tension tailpiece.
Remo Head.
Flamed Maple Resonator.
Gold hardware.
Engraved arm rest.
Engraved headstock & heel rock maple neck.
Pearl truss rod cover.

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