Washburn C64SCE Guitar

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Washburn C64SCE Classical Guitar

The Washburn C64 SCE is a nifty classical guitar that combines quality sound and an affordable price tag in a neat and compact package. The C64SCE comes from one of the world's leading manufacturers of musical instrument, hence it features all the quality standards and certificates summed up in an affordable bundle. It makes the budget cuts at all the right places and we are left with a very nice product for all the beginner and intermediate guitar players out there. The sound is very well-rounded and versatile, meaning that this baby has your back covered regardless of the genre. It can be pop, country, rock, blues or jazz, this Washburn guitar can handle it.

The six-string features a classic cutaway body with quality mahogany back and sides, a solid spruce top, a set of classic open gold tuners, and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge. In the electronic department, the instrument features a standard B-Band A3 preamp system, allowing the player to plug in the guitar for extra power and resonance. The guitar is durable and reliable, with a body more than capable of taking a few minor punches during transport. You can check out the brief rundown of Washburn C64SCE features, specs and details in the section below.

Washburn C64SCE Features:

- Classic Cutaway
- BBand electronics
- Mahogany back and sides
- Solid spruce top
- Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
- Classic open gold tuners

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