Weekender SS 2/8 chrome

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Affordable and dependable. The way to go for bands,`` DJs and clubs.
`` 8----P56------------PAR56 Cans
`` 8----300PAR56---PAR56 Lamps
`` 2----LTS-01--------Heavy-duty Light Stands
`` 1----C-801---------8 Channel Controller
`` 2----P-404DT1----Dimmer Pack
`` 2----LS-43----------Hanging Brackets
`` 2----PC-20---------Pipe Clamps
`` 2----CC-50---------50' Dimmer Cable
`` 2----GP56A--------4 Color Gel Packs
`` 2----GP56B--------4 Color Gel Packs
`` 1----GP56C--------4 Color Gel Packs
`` 1----GP56D--------4 Color Gel Packs
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