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Yellow Tools Independence Pro 2.1 Software

The Yellow Tools Independence is every musician's best friend and one of the finest workstations of its price range. This powerhouse will help you spice up your music and take your recordings to the next level, featuring a string of top-level plug ins and a vast premium library containing 70 GB of sounds. Also included in the mix is the so-called "multi core support" which allows the user to determine how many cores of the computer can be "reserved" for the program, making sure that the maximum of your CPU resources is utilized in the mix.

The software also features a string of 3,000+ instrument patches, full support for 8 processor cores, as well as a new and improved audio engine. This bundle includes Independence, Independence Live, and Independence FX tools; you can find details of each individual program in the rundown below. This is intricate stuff we're dealing with here, so if you need any more info feel free to contact us online right away or come down to the store any time.

Yellow Tools Independence Pro 2.1 Software Features:


Completely redesigned and improved audio engine
Premium 70GB sound library
Over 3,000 instrument patches
Supports 3rd-party VST instruments and effects plug-ins
Customizable remote control
Support for up to 8 processor cores and more
Drag 'n' drop support for audio and MIDI files
Sophisticated file browser including attributes batching

Independence Live:

Host application loads multiple Independence projects including 3rd-party VST and VSTI plug-ins
Customizable remote control with knobs & faders
Flexible audio and midi routing
Support of all hardware controllers
Instantly switches between Projects for live performance

Independence FX:

Uses Independence 2 insert filters and effects as separate effect plug-ins
Easy-to-use virtual effect rack system
Over 40 premium filters and effects
3rd-party VST effect plug-in import
Preset browser includes drag 'n' drop functionality
High-end real time impulse response processor
Host and MIDI automation
Hundreds of presets

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