Youth Size drumset Jamm JR500

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Youth Size drumset Jamm JR500. This is a great drum set for children and younger kids. This is a 5 piece drum kit which is the next size down from a full size set. Jamm makes quality percussion equipment and their drum sets are very good for the low price you see them here at DC Music Store. Full size kits will have a 22" or 20" kick drum in them and this smaller sized kit has a 16" bass drum for comparison. Where the snare drum is often 14" it is 10" with this set. So you get an idea of it being a little smaller for children to use.

Youth Size drum set Jamm JR500 Includes:

16" x 11" Bass Drum
8" x 6" Tom
10" x 6" Tom
12" x 10" Floor Tom
10" x 5" Snare Drum
1- Bass Drum Pedal
1- Hi-Hat Stand
1- Cymbal Holder
1- Snare Drum Stand
1-10" Pair Hi-Hat Cymbals
1-12" Crash Cymbal
1-pair of drumsticks
1-drum key

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