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Band Rentals at DC Music Store
So your child wants to sign up for School Band? Awesome! By signing up for band your child is not only sure to make new friends but will also learn about working on things as a team. There are also personal as well as cognitive benefits to learning music like building confidence, reducing stress, more creativity, better organization, and increasing productivity, even more so at a young age.

Ideally, your child should select to play the instrument that interests them the most. He or She will be able to experience many instruments at school once they have signed up for a band before they need to choose an instrument. Their Band Teacher may also assign a particular instrument to your child.

Why Rent at DC Music Store?
Renting is a foolproof way for your child to begin their musical journey. By renting you keep all your options open in an easily affordable way.  You are also dealing with a locally owned and operated business that stocks all the band supplies. We also have the option to have your band instruments repaired if the need should arise. You simply bring it in to the store and pick it back up at the store once it’s finished.           kid playing clairnet


Can I fill out the rental form before I come in?
Yes! Here is the Band Rental Application as a printable pdf for you to download, print, and fill out. You may also pick one up at the store and bring it back in, or feel free to fill it out in-store.

How do I maintain an instrument?
At DC Music we sell everything you need to keep your instrument clean and maintained. From care kits to pad savers, and oils and greases, we stock it all. We can even show you how to take care of it and what all you may want to keep your instrument in the best condition you can.

Is my rental instrument going to be new?
It can be if that’s the way you wanted to go with it. All of our used instruments have been cleaned and serviced so they are ready to go before they would be ready for rental as well. From there the biggest difference would be the cost per month of the rental and final total due. The costs per instrument can vary and you will want to stop by for us to go over all of your options for renting each instrument.

Will repairs, insurance, or maintenance plans be covered with the rental?
Any damage done to the instrument that is found to be caused by the neglect of not performing regular maintenance (cleaning, proper oiling) shall be the responsibility of the renter to pay for. (Example: a trumpet with valves seizing due to lack of student oiling properly or cleaning, corks that come off due to lack of lubricating the corks, etc.) DC Music Store is responsible for periodic adjustments due to normal playing and which are less frequent and other than the work described above. The renter is responsible for any damage to the instrument that is deemed as neglect, willful, or malicious. In case of loss due to fire or theft, the renter must provide DC Music Store with a report copy from the police or fire agency. Theft is defined as the loss of the instrument due to forced entry into a secured area. The renter shall be responsible for the cost of replacement due to theft or fire of this instrument. Insurance is not covered in the rental to help keep costs low but may be added into a home insurance policy. You would need to contact your insurer to discuss that possibility. For further questions or concerns, you may speak with us at DC Music.

How long is the rental period?
The minimum rental period is 3 months on used instruments and 6 months on new instruments. After the minimum rental period, you can continue to rent the instrument as long as needed until rental is paid for and you now own the instrument, or you may trade it in on a different instrument or trade up from used to new. If trading in or trading up a new rental will be started with new terms.

Will my rental payments go towards the purchase of the instrument?
Yes! The rental payments do go towards the purchase of the instrument if you plan to purchase the instrument. All rental payments, less $10.00 per month on instruments below $35 monthly rental, and $15 per month on items on items above $35 monthly rental shall apply toward purchase. This cash price does not include any charges such as late fees, default, pick up, or reinstatement fees.

Can I return the instrument or switch instruments?
You can return the instrument after the minimum rental period which is 3 months on used instruments and 6 months on new instruments. You may switch to a new instrument after the minimum rental period has been met but may change the terms on the existing rental.

I have more questions.
For further questions regarding renting or DC Music in general feel free to either call us at 330-385-0468, e-mail us at, or stop by the store. Our hours are Monday - Saturday 10-8 and Sunday 11-4.

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