Songwriter Gift Ideas

Songwriter Gift Ideas

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Yamaha 10 channel Mixer

A 10 channel mixer with compression and digital effects. We have many powered and non powered mixers but this one is featured and one we really like and is only $198.95 on sale


Clear Voice

Clear Voice Spray is a great throat spray for vocalists and singers. It loosens up the vocal cords and tired voices. Almost every singer and speaker we see try this continues to re-order which speaks volumes for how good it is. Check it out here.


Harmony Singer

Want to add some harmony singers to your next recording or live during your gigs? This is the pedal to do that. Simply choose what harmony you want, plug your mic cable into it and as soon as you want those rich thick harmonies simply step on the button. Just $199.95. See a demo and purchase here.


Recording Interface


A recording interface lets you plug your keyboard, guitar, microphone, mixer etc. into your computer via a usb connection. This provides a stable digital interface so you can then begin recording your music. Software for capturing and multi track recording is also included so you can build your song track by track to completion. Our audio interfaces are prices from under $50 and up. See them here




We have all your instruments at DC Music Store. Guitars, Keyboards, Drums & Percussion, Banjos, Violins, Mandolins, brass and wind instruments etc. See them all here with the guaranteed lowest prices!




The Hohner Special 20 is the most popular harmonica in the world. Great tone, easy to use and a quality construction. Our harmonicas start under $5 and go up with many options for key and more. Click here to video our harmonicas.


Loop Pedals



Loop pedals are fantastic for the song ideas, for practicing and also for live use. Simply play a phrase like a 4 bar rhythm into it, step on the pedal and let it loop as long as you like. you can then create over top of this as long as you like. These pedals start under $100 and we have many to choose from with mfg's like Boss, Digitech, TC Helicon & more. See them here.



Songwriting Fundamentals


Quickly shows you the basics of songwriting but also extends into advanced techniques. So this book can put the beginner on the right track, advance the intermediate, and inspire and help the advanced writer. All this and on sale for just $12.95



Rock Troubadours



A fantastic book about songwriting and songwriter's candid thoughts about music in this book. Listen in as ten of today's great rock troubadours share the deeply personal process of nurturing a spark of inspiration into a fully realized piece of music. Just $10.95 on sale



Successful Lyric Writing


Sheila Davis writes great tips and helpful insights to help the songwriter in this fantastic book for just $17.99



Fruity Loops


Fruity Loops is a great software item that many songwriters and musicians use to lay down a beat for their songs and create and have a foundation for their songs with. Check out this latest version here and get started for under $100.

Shure SM57


The most used instrument mic and also often used for vocals. This mic is simply legendary. Every U.S. president since Lyndon B. Johnson has delivered speeches through an SM57. Think they couldn't find another mic? Use it on vocals, drums, guitars and amps etc. but get yours on sale for just $89.95 during this sale only!




Clip on tuner



Almost every musician uses a tuner and this is the best tuner we've seen. A nice big easy to see screen and very accurate as well. Check it out here for just $19.95



Music Book



This is a tablature book and more. It has blank tablature as well as manuscript paper, chords, scales and more! All of our instructors use it for new students but we have many songwriters and other musician's using it for all it offers at just $5.89

 So music more to choose from

We are a complete music store. We carry all musical instruments, accessories, lighting, software, Instructional books & DVD's, songbooks, and much more. Click here to surf through our store and take advantage of great sale pricing. If you don't see what you're after click to chat with us or call toll free 1-800-225-1403 or direct at 330-385-0468. Reply to this e-mail to ask us any questions you like also.

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