Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M Portable Powered Column System

Product image 1Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M Portable Powered Column System
Product image 2Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M Portable Powered Column System

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The Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M is likely to be a portable powered column speaker system designed for versatility and ease of use. These systems are often used in various live sound applications, such as concerts, conferences, and events where a compact and powerful audio solution is needed.

Specifications (generic, as specifics may vary):

  1. Power Output: The EVOLVE 30M may have a specified power output, usually measured in watts. This indicates how loud the system can get.

  2. Speaker Configuration: Column systems typically feature multiple speakers arranged vertically in a column. The configuration may include subwoofers for low frequencies and mid/high-range speakers.

  3. Inputs: The system likely has multiple input options, such as XLR, TRS, and RCA, to accommodate various audio sources like microphones, instruments, and playback devices.

  4. Channels: It may have multiple channels, allowing for different audio sources to be mixed independently.

  5. Bluetooth Connectivity: Some modern systems come equipped with Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming from compatible devices.

  6. Built-in Mixer: The EVOLVE 30M might include a built-in mixer with EQ controls for fine-tuning the audio output.

  7. Portability: The system is designed to be portable, with features like built-in handles and a lightweight design. It might also have a compact form factor for easy transportation.

  8. Mounting Options: These systems often come with mounting options, allowing for different setup configurations, such as pole mounting for elevated placement.

  9. Battery Option: Some portable systems have built-in rechargeable batteries, providing the flexibility to use them in locations without easy access to power outlets.

  10. DSP (Digital Signal Processing): Advanced systems may include DSP features for optimizing sound quality and providing additional audio processing options.

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