EMG-707 7-String Guitar Active Pickup

Product image 1EMG-707 7-String Guitar Active Pickup
Product image 2EMG-707 7-String Guitar Active Pickup
Product image 3EMG-707 7-String Guitar Active Pickup

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EMG-707 7-String Guitar Active Pickup:

     The 707 has been ahead of all other 7-string pickups since was introduced in 2001. Before the 707, other7-string pickups were real muddy hardly sensitive on the low B string, especially when pumping out natural and artificial harmonics. But the 707 solved everything. It features Alnico V loaded wide aperture coils that Low B tone is beefed up and at the same time provides a tighter, and more responsive overall sound. Whether you're ringing out jazzy chords or playing palm muted death chugs with your amp set to full distortion, these pickups will help clear up and articulate every note, harmonic and squeal. These pickups can be used in either the bridge or neck position, and will change your 7 string like no other pickup.

EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect™ cable
Prewired split shaft volume/tone control set
Output jack
Battery clip set
Screws & springs


  • Resonant Frequency (kHz): 2.65
  • Output Noise (dBV): -90
  • Output Impedance (Kohm): 10
  • Current @ 9V (Microamps): 80
  • Battery Life (Hours): 3000
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